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Here is a list of FAQ's with the answers to each question.


Q1 : My team wants to participate in the tournament how can we register?

A1: You may register by going to the Home page and scrolling down to find the "Registation Packet" and also the "Team Packet". You may also click on the highlighted links in this answer to take you directly to the desired packet. 


Q2 : How much does this program cost per player and per team.

A2 : The program ranges from different prices, all prices are subject to change here is a break down of the tournament fees.

A2a : 

  • Player Fees $55 to $65 depending on hotel stay
  • Team Registration Fee $250.00 


Q3: What is provided to our players and teams?

A3 : Each player will receive a Authentic (not available in stores) Players T-Shirt unique to that specific player. Along with a Authentic (not available in stores) Pigskin Tournament Patch. A dog tag style medal (not available in stores).


Q4 : How many games are provided?

A4 : Each team will be placed into a bracket system and played up against uniquely matched teams (exclusive software will match teams to each other) and will enter into a Double Elimination round the break down of games won are listed.

A4.a :

  • 2 - 0 (Winner Champion of Bracket)
  • 1 - 1 (Second Place of Bracket)
  • 0 - 2 (Last Place of Bracket)

Q5 : How do we reserve our Thanks Giving Dinner and what does this do for our team?

A5 : By clicking here or clicking on the home page button labeled "RSVP DINNER" you are able to reserve your entire teams thanks giving dinner for outstanding prices! Your team will be placed into the time slot that is available and your team will not play any games during that time. After the dinner your team and their family will be able to rest and relax before going into a game that same day. No need to rush from a hotel or chain food restaurant come and eat out at the game fields and be ready for your next game.


Q6 : How does the certification process work? As well as what documents do we need to bring?

A6 : The certification day for the tournament is the Wednesday the week of Thanks Giving and will be conducted at the Game Fields (All American Park 1551 S Buffalo Dr). All members of the team must be present and have the following documents to check in. Any team missing players must notify the league rep. so that the rest of your team may get certified and checked in.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Leagues official Roster
  • Registration Packet (bring a copy with you just incase)
  • Team Packet (bring a copy with you just incase)
  • Payment receipt showing that you have been paid in full for all players and teams 

Q7 : Where is the Game Fields?

A7 :  The Game Fields are located at 1551 S Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas NV 89117


Q8 : How far away are the Preferred Hotels?

A8 : Circus Circus click to see distance

A8a : Palace Stations click here to see distance


Q9 : What are the prices for the Preferred Hotel stay?

A9 : Click here to see the hotel pricing information